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The focus on our own operations

Corporate Responsibility is a core focus within Just Brands, and this is also reflected in our own operations. We are implementing a CR strategy in all parts of our organisation to improve our impact. Within the Just Brands headquarters, warehouse and stores we focus for example on waste, saving energy, and the use of paper. We have recently started with the expansion of our headquarters. While building this new office, we are focusing on a durable, self-sufficient heating system and LED lighting, just as in our current building. Together with our transport and packaging partners we are working hard towards a more sustainable future.

  • In March 2018 there will be a scorecard published by Made-By which reports on Just Brands’ status on how we meet the benchmark in the areas of ‘Own Operations’. In 2019 it will be published on ‘Packaging & Transport’ and in 2020 on 'Manufacturing'.
  • Just Brands will publish the results of this scorecard in 2018 and will share more detailed information on above topics.
  • By 2020 Just Brands aims to win 80% of their energy from a sustainable energy source. This will be obtained by using the internal climate control CCA and by using solar resourced energy.
  • By 2020 the use of LED-lighting in the Just Brands headquarters and stores, will be increased by 90%. This will be done by replacing broken and outdated lights.

This content is updated in January 2018. Just Brands sees the growth and extension of above results as an ongoing process. Each year, there will be an updated result published on the company website.

A smart boxing machine Find out how Just Brands is transporting less ‘air’:

Our warehouse is located in the Netherlands and in 2016 we introduced a new packaging machine. This machine custom cuts the boxes per order, eliminating all wasted space. Thanks to this machine Just Brands reduces the transportation of air. Pack, press, seal and ready to go.


The Just Brands headquarters controls its internal climate by using Concrete Core Activation (CCA). By implementing this system for climate control, we keep down our day-to-day energy use. Underneath our headquarters, tons of water are stored between layers of sand. Together with a heating pump, these layers of sand store water on a leveled temperature. In summer, the CCA uses cool water from the ground to lower the temperature in our offices, saving up to 95% of energy. In winter, the CCA uses the stored water to warm up to building, saving up to 50% of energy.

Just Brands believes in an open, honest and no-nonsense working environment and we strive to apply this attitude across our supply chain.